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Currently, no one fleeing from the Ukraine needs a visa to enter Germany. When you first arrive, you need only your passport – ideally a biometric one. And, you can stay in Germany for 90 days without a visa. After that, you will need to obtain a residence permit.

The EU has activated a special protection policy so Ukrainians may stay one year (might be extended to three years), without needing to apply for asylum. Social services, medical care, education and the right to work are all granted during this time. 

It is important for you to register in order to access special benefits, services and entitlements. This registration is organized by each city or district. With the city’s zip code, you can find the registration authority in charge.  (See “Register within 90 days” below.)

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It is not necessary to apply for asylum in Germany or in other EU countries.Instead, the required protection is granted via a faster procedure. You will maintain the right to apply for asylum at a later date independent of this.

Currently, you can stay in Germany without a visa until May 23, 2022 or remain in Germany or other EU states for 90 days with a biometric passport. You can also move freely within the EU, in which case registration in Germany is not mandatory.

As soon as you do ask for a residence permit — which you will need to obtain state support in the form of accommodation, care, and social benefits — you will need to register with the federal police, the local police, or the immigration authorities, as instructed.

If you can initially pay for your own care (for example, if you will stay with friends or relatives), only your data will usually be recorded when you register. You will be free to choose your accommodation.

You can find the immigration offices closest to you here.