vegetables in a supermarket

Food / Supermarkets

If you reach Germany by train, you should be right where help is available. At train stations, you will almost always find information points and be greeted by people who will provide you with food, drink and assistance.

If you arrive at a state reception center, an application for a residence permit will usually be filed automatically for you, or you will be assisted with filing it. You will also be provided with food and clothing. 

Once you have reached a city, you will need to be sure to comply with registration requirements. By registering, you will be entitled to food and clothing support. Sometimes registering is easy, but sometimes it’s not! If you need assistance registering in your city, contact us  and we’ll be happy to help you! 

In addition to support offered at reception centers, you can also take advantage of free offers from soup kitchens and the Tafeln organization, which has branches across Germany.

An overview and an online search in different languages for such offers can be found here.

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