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Medical Help

Anyone arriving these weeks is generally entitled to free medical care. You do not have to apply for asylum for this!

What you need though is a treatment certificate to get free treatment by a doctor. Where you get it depends on the accommodation. In some cities in Germany, you will receive a health card (Krankenversicherungskarte) instead of a treatment certificate.

For those of you living in a state facility, the certificates are issued by the facility and medical care is usually provided on site. If you live in a private apartment or house, you can obtain the certificate from the local authority.


Regularly, you will first visit a doctor (Arztpraxis) in Germany when you feel sick. Except for emergencies: Then you will call an ambulance or can go directly to a hospital (emergency room).

In life-threatening situations, the costs of emergency hospital treatment will always be covered. The national emergency number is 112.

Sometimes there are aid organizations who offer medical care too. However, the offers are mainly aimed at people without health insurance and in some cases without residence status.

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Germany has one of the best healtcare systems in the world. What you just need, is a treatment certificate. Except for real emergencies: Call 112 then!

Are you feeling sick? There is definitely a doctor in a practice (“Praxis”) nearby able to help you.

The “Arzt Auskunft” (doctor search) can help you find a doctor speaking Ukrainian and/or russian. The search is in German though. Insert a zip code or city name + use “Filtern” and then “Sprachkenntnisse” + drop-down “Ukrainisch”)

In Germany it is highly recommended to get the full Covid-19 vaccination cycle –  in order to protect yourself and others.

Here you can get important advices and general information – available also in Ukrainian language. This site provides you with more specific anti-Covid-information (Russian) and here you can make an appointment in one of the vaccination centres (in German, though).