children in school

School / Kindergarten

There is you – and then there are your children who arrived in Germany too. How about them? If you are lucky, you are able to find a place to live and older children may even be able to join online courses of their Ukrainian school. 

Probably you will stay in Germany for a longer period of time. That means that all children older than 6 years need to go to school here – as soon as you have a residence permit. At first, that means a step-by-step integration – basically learning German and get in contact with our kids their age. 

After consulting with the responsible education authority and the school board, the children may also attend schools earlier. The point of contact for arrivals from Ukraine is the local education authority. There, families receive individual advice.

Tuition is free at all public schools. And students can also borrow books free of charge at many schools or will get assistance by  for example. All those who have a residence permit receive money to buy notebooks and pens, for example. Many schools provide lunch for children and young people. 


Concerning older students whoe were about to graduate at home, there are talks at the moment with the Ukrainian education administration to find out whether and how examinations could be held in accordance with Ukrainian law and the educational requirements there.

And what about children under six? German states (Bundesländer) as well as cities try to also offer kindergarten places – you can find out more about it in the city you will live in.