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Psychological Support

You have struggled so much during the last weeks – be sure there is psychological support for you. There are several options for you, e.g. counseling by telephone or video calls, initial counseling services in the shelters, psychosocial centers and treatment by independent psychotherapists and psychiatrists as well. First of all: Please do not hesitate to ask for help!

A good starting point is the German Psychotherapists Network who offers a “2 hour help for people in need” – also in Ukrainian and Russian. 

Then there are offers like Ipso-care – an online psychosocial service.

Sometimes, you can also get free initial psychosocial counseling in central accommodation facilities However, services are limited there.

If you need to see a psychotherapist, that is also generally possible. All you need is basically the treatment certificate for medical care. Then you will have to look for a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist yourself – but ask for help by Germans here as well. Get in touch with us – we can help you!


Last but not least, there are psychiatric clinics in an emergency. Some of them have specialized outpatient services for people with a migration background and/or refugee experience – check the Hospital Directory below for them.

And what aboout younger Ukrainians? Those under 25 years can chat with experts at the “crisis chat” (Krisenchat) able to unbureaucratically help them in Ukrainian or Russian (see second link below).